Rendering over old textured render

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Hello there

The external walls of my house have an awful textured render (like artexed painted ceilings?) up to height of about 6'. It's a 1910 brick cavity wall.

Can I simply render over this? What's the process and what materials do I need please? 



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Prediction errors!

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Hi Bobsy

Sadly this is one of those things where explaining it here would likely mean its time to call in a professional..

Whilst you "could" do it yourself, because its on the outside walls of your house, you would want to be checking if existing plaster is solid or is it coming away from the walls anywhere at all, and adding more render to the outside walls instead of knocking off and starting fresh comes with its own hassles too.

You would need to be able to plaster/render to do this, and dependant on where you live, moisture in the air etc, would also affect how you mixed up the render.

Best starting point would be to get at least 3 quotes from professionals, 5 is better, then weight that up by deducting the cost of materials and whatever you are left with is your "Is it worth this much" factor..

Do you have a section of wall anywhere that you could practice rendering, like on the inside of a garden wall, just so it doesn't look a mess on the outside and for the neighbours whilst you practice rendering?

You never know, you might find you are really good at it and its easier than you though or you might find its actually proper hard work, messy and getting a mix just right takes a lot of practice.. Depends on your own needs, and if you have the time for it :-)

As with all things though, grab some practice if possible, start with tutorial vids on YouTube "Brick Rendering tutorials"

Here is an example of everything you need and how to do it: 


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